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I am a student currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from VIT, Vellore. I am eager to contribute to open source community. I like to make small desktop applications using python and java. Sometimes I also do programming on online judge systems like hackerrank, hackerearth, leetcode in C++. I like to do core programming work in C++, java, python. I have tried little bit of web development, android application development but I lack interest in the front end part. I have some experience working with an OPENGL based library COIN3D in C++, socket programming, image processing, GUI development in java, web scrapping and crawling in python. I like to read articles, blogs, novels, etc. I also like to travel and explore new places.


Technical Skills

C++, Java

C, Python, Git


HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Android, Bootstrap, Embedded C, UML


Tool Used For
Microsoft Visual Studio Project Development in C++ also used COIN 3D, SOWIN Libraries; basic C#, ASP.NET development, GUI development using C++
Eclipse Image processing in java, Project Development, Socket Programming, GUI development using windows builder, Android app development
Android Studio Android app development
Netbeans IDE Web Development
Adobe Photoshop Image manipulations, creation
Keil uVision ASM and embedded C programs in 8051
PyCharm GUI development using PyQt, scrapping and crawling using Selenium, BeautifulSoup, UrlLib and Project Development


Summer Intern

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd ONGC Report Certificate
June 2016

Developed a 3D modelling program from scratch which read coordinates from a file and model oil/gas wells. The project is developed in C++ using COIN3D, SOWIN3D libraries. Many supportive functions were developed which were not available in those libraries to ease out modelling of basic shapes and labelling them. Object Oriented approach was used to implement the overall project, so that in later projects this code can be directly accessed using objects and their functions.


Microsoft Value Added Course

Campus Connect Program @VIT University Certificate
February 2016 - April 2016

Selected students were given introductory training on Microsoft's tools and technologies, some of the topics covered were Visual Studio, UWP, ASP.NET, C#, MVC, Azure, IOT.

Android Application Development

TIFAC-CORE VIT University Certificate
January 2015 - April 2015

Learnt Android App Development using Eclipse. Some of the major topics covered were: •Basic Java for Android •Android Basics (SDK) •User-Interface & Life-cycle •Creating hidden running application •Send & Receive SMS Handling •Mobile Database handling.


Static Load Balancing Using ASA Max-Min Algorithm Certificate Paper
Developed a new algorithm by optimizing Max-Min load balancing algorithm to generate an overall better makespan of tasks. The proposed method is evaluated for particular testcases in which Max-Min fails and the results are compared by plotting Gantt Charts of the makespan.
An Efficient Spatial Domain based Image Watermarking using Shell Based Pixel Selection Paper IEEE Xplore
Implemented a new algorithm in spatial domain with shell based pixel selection for watermark embedding and extraction. The proposed method is evaluated with benchmark dataset and we obtained a favorable result in terms of PSNR and BER. We reported the results of various kinds of image manipulation to assess the performance of the proposed method by drawing a comparative study of the original watermark and the watermark extracted from a manipulated image.


These are some of my academic and non-academic projects.

Movie Cataloger

A desktop application to manage personal movie collection. It is developed entirely in Java, capable of finding movies on local storage and retrieving their data from IMDB. It can categorize and analyse movie collection. Setup

Well Projections

It is a 3D modelling program developed completely in C++ using COIN3D, SOWIN API which reads coordinates from a file and model oil/gas wells in 3D.

Fragile Watermarking

Invisible Digital Image Watermarking in spatial domain using LSB bit manipulation. It is capable to do watermark embedding, extraction and comparison of images.

Web crawlers & Scrappers

Collection of python scripts written to crawl, scrap and save user’s accepted submissions on HackerRank, LeetCode and on Campusinteraction, it scrapes data and generates SQL table about the companies that visited VIT for recruiting 2017 passing batch students.

Value Time

A chrome extension which replaces the default new tab with a web-page, showing time remaining in the day with motivational quotes, so as to keep one motivated to complete his goals and prevent him to waste any time. Chrome Store

Jaipur Bus Info

This android app is based upon the data of local low floor government buses running in Jaipur city. It helps user to get the information about all the stops that a particular bus goes. It is also capable of finding direct and indirect routes between bus stops.

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